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At Sunderland Co-operative we strive to provide you with the best options available for your business needs. Our grain merchandisers are available to assist you in developing a marketing plan for your farm.

Cash (spot): The producer receives the spot price at the time of delivery. No forward arrangements need to be made prior to delivery. Deferred payment is an option.  

Open Storage: Store your grain in our bins. The title of the grain remains with the producer until the grain is priced. A storage rate will apply.  

Fixed Price Contract: If the future bid for grain delivered is favorable, we can set a contract up that locks this price for a specified delivery period. This is one of the most popular methods to establish a price for grain to be delivered later.  

Farm Pick-up: If you have grain stored on farm we will come and pick it up. There may be a premium paid for this if you are able to load tractor trailers within an hour.  

Basis Contract: A basis contract is priced in two steps. Initially the basis and amount of tonnage or bushels are set. Title passes to the Co-op at time of contract therefore ending further storage charges. An advance payment is made at time of delivery for 60% of current market value. Futures price is then set later in order to determine the final selling price. This pricing method is used when the producer feels comfortable with the basis but feels the future price will improve.  

Hedge to Arrive Contract (HTA): This contract is completed in two steps. Initially the futures price, delivery period and number of bushels are set. There is a cost for setting futures pricing. Contact us for details. The basis can be set at any time up to delivery of the grain. As currency is a factor in setting pricing please note that the basis will be determined in a U.S. $ value and then converted to Canadian. HTA contracts cannot be cancelled or bought back.  

Value Added Contracts:  

Flex Floor Advantage Contract: The contract sets a basis and a floor price for their grain while still allowing to take advantage of any up movement in the market. This is aided using put and call options. Storage charges end at date of contract. The charge for this contract is dependent on the cost of the options. Every week an equal quantity of bushels is priced. If the price is above the floor price, then the bushels are priced at current pricing. If the price is below the floor price, then the bushels are priced at the established floor price. To reduce the cost of this contract a call option is sold. If on the end date of the contract the futures price is at or above the price where the call option was sold, then there is an obligation to contract an equal quantity of bushels of the original contract. There is minimum contract size but we may be able to match a number of growers together to write a contract. 

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