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Your local experts in all things farm supply! We have everything you need to make sure things are running smoothly on the farm! As always, if you are looking for something specific, give us a call or stop by our location closest to you.


Animal Health

We carry a complete line of livestock pharmaceuticals to treat illness and injury, as well as products to maintain your animal’s health. Sunderland Co-op offers a variety of colostrum, dewormers, vitamin-injectables, electrolytes, topicals, needles & syringes, bottles & nipples, disinfectants and more.


Equine Feed & Supply

Sunderland Co-op offers an extensive line of equine feeds to suit each horse or pony’s individual nutritional requirements. We offer Buckeye, Purina and Masterfeeds products, alongside our own mill mixes. Our knowledgeable staff will help you create a custom feeding program that works for you. In addition to feeds, we carry hay cubes, beet pulp and a variety of supplements from industry-leading brands. We also carry dewormers, first-aid supplies, halters and leads, grooming supplies, hoof care products, fly sprays & masks, tack cleaning supplies, hay nets, treats and more.



Our stores are well-stocked with all your hard-to-find farm hardware. We carry a full line of barndoor track & hardware, as well as a variety of snaps, pins, latches, chains, and straps.


Stable Supplies

Your local go-to for stable supplies, Sunderland Co-op carries a variety of livestock bedding including shavings, straw bales, Straw Boss, pelleted shavings and more, as well as deodorizers. We also carry a variety of wheelbarrows & carts, forks, scoops, scrapers, shovels & brooms. Choose from a wide selection of buckets, feeders, troughs & tubs.


Livestock Identification

We carry a variety of livestock identification products including CCIA RFID tags, Shearwell SET tags, blank & numbered tags, marking sprays, crayons & blocks, leg band and more to ensure your herd or flock is well ID’d.


Large Feeders

Sunderland Co-op offers a variety of round bale, bunk and mineral feeders for cattle, sheep, goats, and horses. We also carry plastic Hay Huts and Bale Buddy feeders. Custom feeders are available by order.


Poultry Supply

We offer a complete line of poultry supply products including feeders, waterers, heat lamps & bulbs, nesting boxes, egg cartons & baskets, coop deodorizers, dusting baths, supplements, treats, incubators & egg turners, poultry crates and more. We also offer poultry orders from both Frey’s Hatchery and Millpond Hatchery from March through September.


Pest Control

There’s nothing worse than pests on the farm! We carry a variety of commercial grade pesticides, available to those with a Grower's Pesticide License. We also stock a wide selection of domestic pest control products for the farm.


Twine & Wrap

Sunderland Co-op offers a full line of bale supply products including plastic & sisal twines for small squares, large squares and round bales, net wrap, bale wrap, bale caps, bale tarps and more.

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