2021 Chick Days

Sunderland Co-op is a local dealer for Frey's Hatchery and Mill Pond Hatchery
supplying day old layers, meat birds, turkeys, ducks, pheasants
and ready to lay hens

Hatches are limited in size so please order as soon as possible to
avoid disappointment


Frey's Hatchery has been supplying small family farms and hobby flock owners with high quality chicks since 1946.
In order to ensure consistent supply and quality Frey's manages their own breeding flocks on family farms.

Mill Pond Hatchery has been famliy owned and operated since 1965.  All of Mill Pond hatch eggs are sourced from Ontario quality hatching egg producers regulated by Canadian Food Inspection Agency and hatched in their own hatchery. They are committed to ensuring their birds are the best they can be for their customers.

Poultry Supplies and Feed

Sunderland Co-op has all the supplies and feed you need to maximize your birds nutritional performance needs and to keep your birds healthy and secure.
We also stock shavings and chopped straw

Please contact us at any of our 3 retail outlets to find more information and to place your order.


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